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User Centered Web Design Support

User Centered Design is a philosophy grounded in the belief that the most successful digital solutions are driven primarily by meeting the needs of the customer. In this philosophy, user research and testing are not one-off requirements that act as tollgates to finish a job, rather they are viewed as requirements for learning, understanding, and refining a solution. 

Incorporating the user into the web design process involves engaging users at multiple points during development through various research activities.

 At a high-level, these research techniques are used to determine:


  • How users conceptually group the content and functionality elements that may appear on the site, i.e., how will the information be “bucketed”
  • What nomenclature and naming conventions should be used, i.e., how should content and functionality be labeled
  • The prevailing organizing principle for the site, i.e., absent design, how will the site be laid out
  • An experience that lets users efficiently and intuitively accomplish key tasks, i.e., how does the site work
  • What design best brings to life the brand values and personality, without inhibiting the user experience, i.e. how does the site look


The research techniques that can be used to answer these questions are:

Card Sorting

One-on-one interviews; respondents sort and categorize index cards labeled with potential site content and functionality; also provides feedback on nomenclature and labeling


Wireframe Concept Testing

One-on-one or small group (3-on-1) interviews; various wireframes (absent design) are exposed to determine which organization potentially best meets their needs; also provides feedback on nomenclature and labeling


Paper Prototype Testing

One-on-one interview; respondents are guided through the site to complete a task using a number of paper wireframes (with little or no design) to simulate a complete user experience; also provides feedback on nomenclature and labeling


Prototype Usability Testing

One-on-one interviews; respondents are asked to complete a number of predetermined tasks on their own using a functioning prototype (with or without design); also provides feedback on nomenclature and labeling


Design Concept Testing

One-on-one or small group (3-on-1) interviews; fully designed site concepts are exposed either as static pages, or in the context of a prototype, to elicit response about the brand; also ensures that the design does not diminish the site usability


Usability Testing

One-on-one interviews; respondents are asked to perform a number of predetermine tasks on the fully functioning site; respondents are also often given the opportunity to “surf” the site and provide overall feedback on design, layout, etc.

Good web design does not mandate that every step in the process be tested using discrete research methods; rather good design and user testing process involves using the right techniques – often combing methods – at the right time with minimal impact on development.

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