Fluency Research Group

Quantitative Support

Quantitative research is often the next step in the process after exploratory qualitative. In this case, it is essential that the study build from the findings and insights generated. To this end, Fluency Research Group offers support throughout the quantitative process, from methodology definition through advanced analytics.

Survey Design

A well-designed and fully thought-out questionnaire is essential to quality data collection. Good survey design is a process:

  • Understand the business objective and strategic context
  • Develop specific research objectives
  • Identify and define target respondents
  • Define the appropriate methodology
  • Create the survey instrument
  • Design respondent interface
  • Pretest and refine
  • Launch and monitor

In addition to meeting the objectives of the study, a questionnaire must be designed with the respondent experience in mind. It is critical that the survey instrument and interface be clearly worded, easy to navigate, and minimizing fatigue. This yields a study that will maximize response rates, minimize bias and yield quality data for analysis.